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Shri Manguesh Temple :
When someone makes an India temple travel plan for Western India, Goa will prominently feature in it. Goa is famous for its beaches but Goa temples are no less attractive for tourists. Hindu pilgrims will especially find Goa temple tours very enchanting. The marvel of Goa temples is that they are still pure and have not lost sanctity.

This one quality makes Goa temple tours a must for Goa tourism plan. Sri Manguesh temple at Mangueshi in Ponda Taluka takes prime place in a Goa temples tour. Any visitor on Goa temples tour must make it a part of his visit. This very old temple among Goa temples is famous for its pristine glory. Like many other Goa temples, it has its own attractions.
Shri Naguesh Temple :
The Naguesh temple with old scriptures on stone at Nagueshim, the Mahalakshmi at Nagueshim Bandora, the Ramnath temples at Ramnathi and Shantadurgta temple at Kavalem. The Ganesh temple has been bequeathed to posterity but the temple was subsequently renovated in the days of Chatrapati Shahu, the Maratha ruler of Satara.

The galleries of the Sabhamantapa contain exquisite specimen of intricate woodcarvings of famous episodes from Ramayana on one side and wooden images of "Astadikpal" and "Gandharva".
Shri Navdurga at Madkai Temple :
Originally from Gavasi (Gancim or Gavshi) in Tiswadi (Ilhas) taluka of Goa , believed to have existed there since 10th Century ,this goddess Navadurga (or Navdurga) was shifted during portuguese invasion in the 16th Century to Redi - Vengurla (or Vengurle)in the beautiful konkan region of Sindhudurg District of Maharashtra, very near from the Maharashtra-Goa Border.The temple is very near from the world famous Terekhol fort of Goa. For last more than 450 years, the goddess has been here.
Shri Ramnath Temple :
The Saraswat Hindu Temples in Goa had managed to survive the attack of the Portugal regime. The temples were moved from one place to another in order to protect them from the Portuguese. The presiding deities of these temples were at times preserved and worshipped even in the houses of the pujaris, till they were finally settled in their present day dwellings. Some of the old temples of Goa were noted for their natural beauty and simple architecture. The have certain common features like being surrounded by betel nut trees, coconut groves and lakes of pure water.
Shri Devi Sharvani Temple :
Vithal Maharudra Panchayatan the complex comprise of temples of jagrut Swayambhu Goddess Sharvani, Mahadev and Vetal with his life size image of stone and other deities. It is situated in scenic surroundings at Advolpal in North Goa, 2.5 kms. from Assonora on Pirna main road.

Goddess is known for fulfilling the vows of her devotees through Kaul Prasad who also perform Tulbhar to propitiate her. Thousands of devotees throng on vardhapan day, Divja zatra day am annual zatra day in November/December when procession of Goddess is taken out ii decorated chariot.
Topobhoomi :
Tapobhoomi has been set up to educate mankind about its duties and responsibilities. Tapobhoomi has been set up to spread the message of divine love and compassion. Tapobhoomi is indeed a temple of humanity, standing firm on the foundation of devotion i.e. Bhakti

This centre of Param Pujya Padmanabh Shishya Sampradaya harbaurs a number of projects, a unique Datta mandir, Sanskrit pathshala, Dhyaan Gumfa (Chamber for meditation), Ayurveda Centre, Yoga Anusandhan Kendra, Bhajani Vidyalayi Bhaktoddhar Library, etc. His Holiness Brahmanand Swamiji, who is the head of Haturii Muth has rendered yeomen service to uplift poor, downtrodden people in the last two decades.
Shri Bhagavati :
26 km from the city, it is believed to be 500 years old. Two life-sized images of elephants carved from black stone guard its entrance. The statue of the Goddess Bhagavati Ashtabhuja is an imposing one.

The Shri Bhagavati Temple in Pernem worships the Goddess Bhagavati Ashtabhuja, or the eight-handed Goddess, one of the forms of Goddess Durga.
Rudreshwar Temple :
Harvalem where the ancient linga of Rudreshwar is venerated. The idyllic Harvalem water fall is close by. The image of Rudreshwar is facing the water fall. The festival of Mahashivaratri draws big crowd.
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